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    Open Discussions

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    Open discussions for any topic.  If you can't find a subforum for your topic, put it here and start discussing it today!


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    If you've just joined our site, or if you've just been lurking around, don't be afraid to introduce yourself.

    Tips & Tricks

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    If you've got a few tips and tricks for other members, feel free to share them here.  The more real-world tips you can share, the better it will help others.  


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    Talk about your resume ideas or questions here.  This is a place where you can get help about how to make that resume shine!


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    Have you used a recruiter in the past or are you looking for one now?  Or, are you a recruiter looking to represent candidates?  This forum will help with any subject related to the entire recruitment process.


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    Career discussion for graduates and students looking for work.


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    Tips and tricks for healthcare coverage while looking for work.  If you have a trick to share about this issue, we would love to hear about it.

    Contract Work

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    Contracts or freelancing work ideas.

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    Have you been laid off due to restructuring or mergers?  This is a challenging part of any career and happens to all of us at least once in a lifetime.

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    Job Search

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    A news feed for those who are looking for work.  We will include only the most reliable source of information to help in your job search!


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    A feed for recruiters and the process involved in recruiting candidates.


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    Employment podcast information with helpful tips and tricks about the job market.


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    Government statistics and labor news

    Human Resources

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    Human Resources related news

  3. Services

    Career Coaching

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    Are you a career coach that can make a difference for our members?  Give us your pitch here.

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    Do you have a great resume and personal branding service?  Let us know what you have to offer in this forum.

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    Networking related services and ideas can be discussed in this forum.

  4. Career Grub

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    If you have any feedback or ideas about our website, we'd love to hear about them.

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