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  1. If your app doesn’t give the users what they want, it will be ditched like a hot potato. The question that arises now is what can you do to...524th Jan 2020 By Renisabarnwell Freelance Blogger View the full article
  2. If you ask one of your friends who quit her company in the recent past, the most likely reason would be ‘My work did not get valued’, or ‘...E23rd Jan 2020 By ariaareeds Professional Writer View the full article
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  4. All eyes turned towards the manager as she gave her opinion of a strategy that was being discussed. This was part of the strategic meeting...G22nd Jan 2020 By ronald thomas Managing Director View the full article
  5. To assemble a world-class team, you must start by attracting the best talent. Technology company Apple says its latest move to offer...A22nd Jan 2020 By Steve Picarde President View the full article
  6. We know that women are still fighting to be equal in the workplace and raising the subject of periods may feel like we’re putting a...W21st Jan 2020 By Co-founder View the full article
  7. It wasn’t that long ago that the concept of Artificial Intelligence was relegated to sci-fi books and movies. Advancements in technology in...H18th Jan 2020 By Matt Shealy President View the full article
  8. By its very nature, Employee Relations (ER) can often be unfairly labelled as a ‘must have’ tactical, operational necessity. Something ‘...W17th Jan 2020 By PeterByrne_ESP Founder View the full article
  9. My guest today is Marc Sonennthal , a man who has trod a fascinating road through the technology industry, coming in from the left-field as...A16th Jan 2020 By Constantin Singureanu Founder View the full article
  10. The UK is nowhere near where it should be in terms of using workplace technology and 2020 will see more British businesses move to a more...H14th Jan 2020 By Adrian Lewis Director View the full article
  11. The value to both businesses and employees of recognition in the workplace has become increasingly more prevalent over the last few decades...58th Jan 2020 By Sinead Healy Co-founder & MD View the full article
  12. It’s fair to say that last year saw a lot of uncertainty in the UK and employers across all sectors have faced ongoing challenges as a...A8th Jan 2020 By Yvonne Smyth Director of Hays Human Resources View the full article
  13. Hidden or symptomless conditions, like high blood pressure, are one of the main health and wellbeing concerns employers have about their...N7th Jan 2020 By Jim Lythgow Director of Strategic Alliances View the full article
  14. “Cleaning up and organizing my desk in anticipation for a great new decade. I found this amazing piece of advice from a wonderful mentor...A7th Jan 2020 By ronald thomas Managing Director View the full article
  15. The existing annual performance review model is defunct, fosters discrimination and needs replacing, says Ab Banerjee, CEO and Founder of...A20th Dec 2019 By Ab Banerjee CEO and Founder View the full article