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  1. Unfortunately, it seems as though Australia has yet to eradicate COVID19. While we expected this, we still need to continuously review and update our business operations to ensure maximum productivity. The most significant difficulty regarding working from home is the lack of face to face interaction, which can cause communication issues. Fear not, I’m here… 7 Crucial Communication Strategies for Working Remotely Undercover Recruiter - View the full article
  2. Belonging is a feeling. None of us wants to participate in communities where we don’t feel good, welcome, or appreciated. We certainly won’t invest our full effort unless—and until—we’re vested in this manner. Of course, what makes us feel welcomed differs from person to person. When possible, people leave places where they don’t feel belonging.… Create a Sense of Belonging Within Your Organization Undercover Recruiter - View the full article
  3. Working from home is great, but it also comes with many unique struggles that can impact productivity and hinder growth. According to Buffer’s 2019 State of Remote Work survey, 17 percent of respondents reported that communication and collaboration as their greatest struggle working remotely while 8 percent of workers said that motivation was their biggest… WFH: How to Keep Your Team On Track Undercover Recruiter - View the full article
  4. The most talented people build the best companies. It’s that simple. No successful business was built purely on market fit and a ton of investments. People are the #1 asset of any company, its biggest strength or weakness. The concentration of talent per square foot determines the chances for a business to skyrocket. That’s why… A-Players Sourcing Guide: 11 Steps to Landing the Industry’s Top-Performers Undercover Recruiter - View the full article
  5. The coronavirus pandemic has changed every aspect of our lives, and it’s had a particularly marked effect on the way we work. The largest flexible working experiment ever conducted has taken place out of necessity, and the early signs are that it will leave a lasting change in work culture. More workers than ever before… Why the Time Has Come for a Four-Day Week Undercover Recruiter - View the full article
  6. As the legalities of employment in the US continue to evolve, the conviction that the future of work will be remote becomes stronger. In June, the US President decided to halt access to several employment-based visas, including H-1B visas for high-skill workers. This decision was quickly slammed by leading US tech companies, including Google, Twitter, and… Why the US Suspension of Foreign Work Permits is Good News for UK Companies Undercover Recruiter - View the full article
  7. Is your company forward-thinking and proactive in creating a positive and fair working environment, or being dragged down by old-fashioned institutional values? One example of a deep-seated structural inequality is reflected in the Gender Pay Gap. Fifty years after the 1970 Equal Pay Act proscribed discrimination by gender in the workplace, women still earn on… Is Your Business Falling into the Gender Pay Gap? Undercover Recruiter - View the full article
  8. Regardless of the extent to which your business has been disrupted by COVID-19, we’ll all re-emerge from varying degrees of lockdown into a changing world. What does this mean for employer brand and its leaders? Simon Barrow, creator of employer brand, explores employer brand’s relevancy to a world in the midst of a crisis and… An Employer Brand Expert’s Post-Pandemic Forecast Undercover Recruiter - View the full article
  9. Is remote working here to stay? While many people have predicted the rise of remote working over recent years, nobody expected it to rocket its way to the forefront as it has during 2020. It’s difficult to remember what life was like before the Coronavirus pandemic forced governments and businesses worldwide to implement drastic changes… WFH Saves People 23.5 Days a Year Traveling Undercover Recruiter - View the full article
  10. I was preparing for a program on introverted leadership by interviewing research scientists at a Fortune 100 pharmaceutical company when a new word caught my ear. “Did you say ‘loudership’?” I asked a seasoned manager. Yes, he had. He went on to tell me that loudership was a companywide code word for what it meant to be… How to Become an Exemplary Leader of Introverts Undercover Recruiter - View the full article
  11. Pre-COVID, employers were already beginning to evolve their workplaces, modeling them after the big tech employers. Of course, large campuses with swimming pools and yoga studios isn’t possible for most businesses, but offering some sort of entertainment has become fairly commonplace, especially in trendy cities like London. Shared offices transformed almost overnight to provide things… Workplaces of the Future Must Take Responsibility for Employee Health and Wellbeing Undercover Recruiter - View the full article
  12. For this consumer goods brand, employer brand and diversity and inclusion aren’t separate initiatives—they work in tandem as vital components of attracting the best employees. Both employer brand and D&I play vital roles in attracting the best employees. Both foreground employee stories, shape company culture and inform its values. As Unilever’s Employer Brand Lead Zakiya… How Unilever Integrates Diversity & Inclusion with Employer Brand Undercover Recruiter - View the full article
  13. For most, work looks and feels different today than it did just a few months ago—and we’re not talking about working from home. A new study by VitalSmarts shows 58.6 percent of employees have experienced either a reduction or a restructure that changed the dynamic and size of their team. And the impact of these… 8 Out of 10 Employees Feel Overwhelmed and Overworked Undercover Recruiter - View the full article
  14. Covid-19 is changing people’s work preferences with many now looking for roles that give them the flexibility to work from home. New data from LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional network, finds that job searches for remote work have increased by 60% globally since March. Companies will need to adapt to existing policies and offer greater… Searches for ‘Remote Work’ Increase Significantly During Covid-19 Undercover Recruiter - View the full article
  15. New research by Jobvite suggests uncertainty, unemployment, and financial challenges will drive profound changes in the employer-candidate relationship. Unlike previous editions, the 2020 Job Seeker Nation Report draws from two survey sets: one in February 2020 consisting of 1,514 employed adults and job seekers in the U.S., and one in April 2020 after the unprecedented… How the Pandemic Has Dramatically Shifted Candidate Attitudes Undercover Recruiter - View the full article