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  1. We’ve all heard of employer brand and what that can do for your recruitment efforts but there’s also such a thing as a personal brand. This week our panel of experts unpick exactly what that means and why future hires should consider having one. Kerri-Ann Hargreaves Having a strong personal brand is incredibly important. Be […] What is Personal Brand for candidates and How Does it Work? Undercover Recruiter - View the full article
  2. In my thirty years of helping companies hire from their competitors, I have come to believe in two truths: when the economy is either very good or very bad, the amount of lateral hiring ticks up dramatically. Two other phenomena accompany those truths: both hiring practices and the speed at which a hire goes from hello […] 4 Rules for Hiring From the Competition Undercover Recruiter - View the full article
  3. Nuffield Health’s latest whitepaper – The effects of remote working on stress, wellbeing, and productivity – has discovered remote working correlates with higher workplace wellbeing but can also offer unique business challenges. Hectic schedules and long hours have become an increasingly prevalent issue across offices and the rising gig economy, with a new study from Gallup revealing 23 percent […] Preventing Burnout in the Multi-generational Gig Economy Undercover Recruiter - View the full article
  4. This global biotech company stands out in a competitive industry by prioritizing authenticity—saying no to impersonal stock photography and “vanilla” social media advocacy. Tammy Embry is a Global Employer Brand and Recruitment Marketing Strategist at Amgen. Have a listen to the episode below, keep reading for a summary and be sure to subscribe to the Employer […] Attracting Talent Through Employer Brand Authenticity Undercover Recruiter - View the full article
  5. While it’s easy to feel defeated after spotting discouraging news headlines about women being overlooked in the latest Oscars drama (pun intended), let’s focus our attention elsewhere. It’s still early in 2020, so we can start by ringing in this year by celebrating these women who have battled not only the battles typical of any […] Secrets to How Women Entrepreneurs Manage Their Travel Undercover Recruiter - View the full article
  6. Ah, the start of a new year. It’s that time of year when we all collectively emerge from weeks of indulgence vowing to turn over a new leaf and become the best versions of ourselves. Wellness is the buzzword of our times — and not just in our personal lives, but in the workplace as […] What’s Next in Wellness? Undercover Recruiter - View the full article
  7. Is it possible to be a successful recruiter because you want to “help people” rather than being money motivated? Let me start by setting the scene of when I first became aware that this wasn’t necessarily the norm and that by admitting you are doing it for more altruistic reasons can be perceived as a […] Can You Help People and Be Successful in 2020? Undercover Recruiter - View the full article
  8. They used to be the best way for candidates to get noticed by prospective employers, and there were certain rules for compiling them including lots of dos and don’ts. But are they really relevant and should we be bothering with them at all in this digital and social media age where there are far more […] Do Recruiters Still Read Resumes? Undercover Recruiter - View the full article
  9. As recruiters, we’re in the unique position of being able to really get under the skin of what our candidates are looking for, and how our clients can best turn those demands into reality. In 2020, our candidates continue to value soft benefits as a top priority when looking for a new role. For good […] How Your Client’s Benefits Really Make a Difference When Hiring Undercover Recruiter - View the full article
  10. Number 10’s special adviser Dominic Cummings was in the news recently for declaring he wanted to hire an unusual set of people with different skills and backgrounds to work with the Civil Service. It was not a conventional job advertisement in terms of the language used and didn’t promote flexible working or healthy work-life balance. […] Unusual Hiring Tactics Undercover Recruiter - View the full article
  11. Marie Kondo has probably shamed a lot of people into becoming more organized and is probably responsible for a lot of sales at a number of retailers like The Container Store. This retail brand’s employer brand strategy excels when it foregrounds employee voices, providing tools and platforms for telling their own stories. Rachel Kennedy is […] Uplifting Employee Voices with Your Employer Brand Strategy Undercover Recruiter - View the full article
  12. Recruiters have a whole arsenal of advice for the candidates in their care. But a lot of this advice tends to be negative: don’t say this, don’t shake hands like that. As with most feedback, when critiquing a candidate’s mock-interview it is easier to address what went wrong than to cook up positive new ideas […] 12 Things Your Candidate Should Say at Interviews Undercover Recruiter - View the full article
  13. Back at your work desk, huh? Depending on how benevolent your employer is, you’ll have enjoyed up to two weeks off to recharge. Or at least a reduced schedule during which to collect your thoughts and think about how to turbocharge your career in 2020. But early January soon merges into late January, then springtime, […] 9 New Year Resolutions to Nail at Work Undercover Recruiter - View the full article
  14. It is undeniable that Brexit marks the biggest geopolitical shakeup for generations. It is a topic that dominated public attention last year, with the news agenda eagle-eyed on parliament’s struggle to deliver a unanimously satisfactory exit deal. Similarly, when it came to the end of the year election campaign, the majority of the debate centered […] Flexit: What it Means for Recruiters Post Brexit Undercover Recruiter - View the full article
  15. If there’s something you’ve always wanted to know about getting hired, but weren’t sure where to look, then fear not. Our brand new panel of experts have an abundance of tips for candidates to share with you. There isn’t much these lot don’t know about getting your foot through the door at your future place […] What’s the Best Way to Get Noticed by Recruiters? Undercover Recruiter - View the full article