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A career in digital advertising

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a career in advertising

Digital advertising is a rewarding career for several reasons. You’ll be able to connect with professionals and business owners around the world, and it’s always great to have a network of business relationships. As a digital advertiser, you’ll be utilizing SEO (search engine optimization), campaign analytics tools, keyword research, and other tools of the trade for helping your clients expand their audience base.

In this article, we’re going to give you some helpful tips for a career in digital advertising.

Advertise yourself

Knowing how to use social media and keyword research tools is all fine and well, but they aren’t difficult things to learn. What can you do for your clients that they can’t do for themselves, or don’t have time to manage? A digital advertiser should be able to prove their skills, and this begins with advertising yourself.

You should have a portfolio of projects you’ve worked on, such as blogs you’ve contributed to, websites you’ve built, etcetera. It helps to have a great personal website, and be active on social media. Some of the top SEO specialists in the industry actively post on social media, sharing SEO advice – check out this list of the top individual SEO specialists you should follow in 2019, and see what they’re doing and how they’re self-promoting.

Follow the latest social media trends

A digital advertiser needs to know all of the latest information. This includes SEO and digital advertising techniques and regulations, such as updates to the Google algorithm, but also includes knowing the latest social media trends. Be aware of the latest hashtags, and think outside of the box. You should know the ins and outs of running Facebook ads for e-commerce brands, and how to really fine-tune the campaign filters for best results.

Thinking outside the box is helpful as well. Some companies are starting to experiment with advertising on TikTok, a popular short-video app that was initially for lip-syncing karaoke videos but has become a massive network of users sharing 15-second video clips, creating many popular viral videos. If you can brainstorm how to use apps like this to your advantage, you’re a leg up in digital advertising.

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Attend courses and online webinars

Attending online courses and viewing webinars is a great way to learn new tricks for expanding your content marketing strategy. Some of the best SEO and digital marketing conferences to follow include Digital Summit, SearchLove, Engage Conference, and webinars like the weekly series on Moz.

Listening to speakers who attend these conferences is a highly valuable resource for learning the latest information in the industry. You can also consider podcasts, but be careful here, you should stick to recommended podcasts as there are some SEO “experts” running podcasts out there and giving bad information. Some good SEO podcasts include Authority Hacker, Search Engine Nerds, MozPod, and Experts on the Wire.

Consider getting certified in digital marketing

Many years ago anyone with some website design and SEO knowledge could jump into the digital marketing industry, but as it becomes quite saturated with “experts”, the skills demand has vastly increased. Getting a certificate in digital marketing from a reputable source is a good way to showcase your dedication to your craft.

But not all certificates are worth anything, and that’s why it’s important to very carefully choose exactly where and how you obtain a certificate in digital marketing. Here’s a good article that explains the pros and cons of pursuing one.

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