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30+ of the best Slack communities for tech recruiters

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Though it’s an office favorite for instant-messaging coworkers with thoughts only a Baby Yoda GIF can convey, celebrating big wins with dancing blob emojis and taking a quick break in your company’s #random or #cats channel, what does Slack have to do with tech recruiting?

Slack doesn’t just put more laughter in your workday or prevent your inbox from getting clogged. It’s also a place where you can network, share and get advice from others in your field and even source top tech talent—without ever leaving your desk. 

How? Beyond internal comms among employees, the platform also has topic- and interest-specific digital communities that are open to the public (via invite) where members share knowledge and insights, and can DM each other directly.

So whether you’re looking to talk shop with other recruiters, source tech pros for those hard-to-fill roles or streamline your hiring process, we’ve curated 30+ of the best Slack communities for tech recruiters to join (or create)—and why you should.

Beyond chat: Why recruiters should join a Slack community

Your job as a recruiter isn’t just to post job openings and wait for who comes along. It’s to get involved in the tech recruiting community and build strong relationships that could lead to your next hire. What better way to start making those connections than by joining a Slack community? 

If you don’t already use Slack as a tech recruiter, there are lots of good reasons why you should: 

Get real-time advice from experts in the HR world. Ask questions, request feedback or bounce around ideas with people who’ve been there, done that.

Meet new friends and mentors. Network with like-minded hirers who have the same challenges and can share their solutions.

Discover and share useful resources. Make recommendations, share your experiences and discuss industry news and tips.

Find the tech talent you’re looking for. Post job listings, share candidates with other recruiters and connect with developers, designers and other tech pros where they hang out.

Streamline your hiring process. Collaborate on writing job descriptions, arranging interviews (and trading interview notes) and onboarding new employees.

More cat GIFs.

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The best Slack communities for recruiter discussions

To get you started, we’ve rounded up some of the best Slack communities where you can meet others passionate about recruitment, learn about new tools your peers use and find the inspiration you need to make better hires. 

1. #DBR

Short for Dragons, Beers and Recruiters, #DBR is a community for in-house recruiters to share tips, experiences (both good and bad), candidates and insights. The community also gets together in real life with monthly drinks and learning events in Shoreditch, London. 

Answer a few questions to get access to the community.


2. Hacking HR

A global community of HR change-makers, Hacking HR is where you can chat with people who are passionate about the intersection of the future of work, technology, people and organizations. Its primary channels are #diversityandinclusion, #hrtech, #peopleanalytics and #resources.

Get instant access to the community. 

3. HRtoHR

No need to attend an expensive recruiting conference in a faraway city. HRtoHR is where HR professionals learn from each other in real time by chatting about best practices, new tools, everyday challenges and more. 

Get instant access to the community. 

4. #People

Connect with 5,000+ HR professionals, managers and people interested in organizational psychology, jump in on Q&As and AMAs, and solicit feedback and advice. Popular channels include #culture-chat, #employee-experience, #problem-situations and #interviewing. 

Answer a few questions to get access to the community. 

5. People Geeks

With over 8,500 members, People Geeks is a place to talk about workplace culture, learn about the latest in people analytics and share candidates, open roles, articles and advice. You’ll also find location-based channels for cities across the world so you can connect with those in your local area. 

Get instant access to the community.

6. PeoplePeople

Join this community to meet talent industry experts from around the world, share ideas about the changing recruiting landscape and take part in AMAs with recruiting influencers. Channel topics run from #culture-tactics to #interestingarticles to #networking (which automatically matches you with someone else in the channel each month).

Get instant access to the community.

Source: PeoplePeople

7. Recruiting Innovators

A dedicated space where over 1,000 sourcers, recruiters and hiring leaders discuss HR trends, technology and the latest recruiting innovations. Topics of conversation range from career advice (e.g., switching from corporate to agency recruiting) to recommendations for hiring tools (e.g., psychometric test platforms, ATS). 

Get instant access to the community. 

8. techrecruiter

A smaller community of just over 250 members, techrecruiter’s channels touch on employer branding, candidate experience, recruitment marketing, sourcing techniques and more—but for tech hiring specifically. 

Get instant access to the community. 

You can use Slack communities for sourcing tech talent, too

Unlike noisy social platforms, Slack is pretty quiet when it comes to recruiter activity. That means your outreach will likely get more engagement than it does on more common sourcing channels. And since there are Slack communities for nearly every niche, language and framework in tech (with thousands of active members you can message directly), there’s no shortage of talent to tap into. 

Use Slofile—a database of public Slack groups—to search for a Slack community centered around a role or skill. Not only will you learn more about these roles and skills, but you’ll also get to see how members talk about job hunting so you know how to approach potential candidates, as well as collect valuable insights for more personalized outreach

If you’re looking for PHP or JavaScript developers, for example, you could join a community like WeLearnJS or PHP Chat. Or since WordPress is mainly based on PHP and JavaScript, you could also join WP Developers’ Club or WordPress + Slack.

Here are a few Slack communities you might want to join depending on the talent you’re looking for: 

You could also join a tech-focused Slack community based on the location where you’re hiring (nearly every major city has one):

Want more places to find tech talent? Check out our list of the best Slack communities for tech pros for 22 more groups to join based on the role you’re recruiting for (e.g., mobile developer, UX designer, product manager, QA engineer). Or, browse through the tech category on Slofile:

Bonus: Create your own Slack channel to streamline the hiring process

Another way to take advantage of Slack as a recruiter is to create your own internal Slack channel to keep track of the hiring process. While it’s not quite the same concept as a Slack community, creating your own Slack channel can make the tech hiring process faster and more efficient.  

Start a private channel for each role you need to fill (#hiring-[job title]) and invite everyone on your team who needs to be involved in the process. Pin the job listing at the top and include a plan for how you’ll go about filling the role. This might include setting deadlines, adding interview notes and feedback, sharing promising candidates and storing HR documents and candidate resumes.


Other ideas include encouraging employee referrals by creating a channel where you announce new job openings to a company-wide audience or creating an #onboarding channel to make sure new hires don’t feel lost or confused in their first days and weeks (and to boost retention).

Slack: An overlooked recruiting hack

There’s no question: Slack dominates the workplace. As a recruiter, you’re probably already using it to chat to your team (and react to messages using your favorite memes)—but you can use it for much more than that. 

Join a few Slack communities that pique your interest to network with (and learn from) other recruiters. What roles are you hiring for? Get involved in a group you think your ideal candidate might be part of—whether it’s based on role title, skills or location—and start to form connections. And finally, cut down the amount of time it takes you to hire by using Slack channels to recruit smarter. 

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