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Make your tech resume stand out with a free resume review

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Ever applied for a job you thought you were perfect for, only to never hear back? The resume black hole is real. In fact, the average job opening attracts around 250 resumes, but only about 2% of applicants will be called in for an interview. 

And that’s if a human ever even sees your resume. To manage high volumes of applicants, many companies (including 98.2% of the Fortune 500) are using bots to screen out around 75% of candidates before a recruiter or hiring manager even sees their resume.

How does it work? When you apply for an open role, an applicant tracking system (ATS) scans your resume for terms that match those used in the job listing and ranks yours against everyone else’s. So even if you’re qualified for the job (or perfect for it), there’s a good chance you might be rejected, especially if you don’t optimize your resume for “robot” eyes.

How can you get your resume into the hands of a human?

Show us your tech resume and we’ll tell you exactly what to improve, using guidelines to get your resume past an ATS so you stand out from the competition (and get noticed by more recruiters).

Our free resume review includes:

The skills and keywords you should be including. What technologies employers are really looking for so you can improve your searchability and rank high for the position you want.

Resume formatting mistakes to avoid. Is your resume getting garbled in an ATS? How to format your resume to make sure bots can actually read it (sometimes the uglier, the better).

Any other errors you (and your friends) might’ve missed. We’ll proofread your resume for typos, misspellings and grammatical errors.

Additional resources. Other tools to help you craft an ATS-friendly tech resume that appeals to both the bots and human recruiters.

Upload your resume and we’ll send personalized feedback straight to your inbox within 5-7 days. (For tech resumes only.)

(Note: This is a limited time offer.)

Want more? Become a Seen member to access our full lineup of career services

The job search doesn’t stop at your resume. Seen members get access to our full range of career coaching services and tools, including:

  • 1:1 advice from a tech career coach
  • Exclusive AMAs and webinars 
  • Tech career resources (guides, market insights, tutorials)
  • Exposure to top tech companies 

Join Seen for free. Once you’re in, we’ll give you the career coaching tools you need to land your next big opportunity (and connect you with roles that match your salary, role and location preferences).

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