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I Disrupt Cybercrime, Help Protect Critical Infrastructure Around The World, And More At A Company You’d Never Guess

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I Disrupt Cybercrime, Help Protect Critical Infrastructure Around The World, And More At A Company You’d Never Guess

Chris Betz has spent his career in cybersecurity. He’s worked for tech giants and entertainment empires, but he’s never had quite the opportunity to make an impact on the world that he does now—and he works at a company you might not associate with this kind of reach: CenturyLink.

CenturyLink is a technology company that runs the second-largest fiber-optic network serving enterprises on Earth. Through networking, cloud, and unified communications services, they help people and businesses connect around the world. And thanks to their vast fiber infrastructure, they’re paving the way for all types of innovations.

To get a better sense of what the dynamic technology company does—and why it’s such an exciting place to work for new grads and interns—we sat down with Chris, their Chief Security Officer.

Keeping The Internet Safe—And That’s Just A Side Project

Running one of the world’s largest fiber networks means much of the world’s internet traffic goes through CenturyLink’s infrastructure. This gives them the opportunity to spot broad traffic patterns related to nefarious activities.

“Malware, phishing, denial of service attacks, we’re going after those and shutting down the networks they’re using,” Chris explains. “We’re reducing the number of attacks that happen and making it more costly to do them in the first place.”

Disrupting cybercriminals is one thing, but what’s really interesting about these efforts is that CenturyLink is not specifically contracted by any government or organization to do so. This is just a part of their effort to help protect the global internet. Chris and his team go after suspicious activity on their network and shut it down as a public service benefiting customers and non-customers alike.

“The internet can be a dangerous place. It’s our responsibility to help make it better,” Chris says.

Given how quickly Chris’ team is advancing their security tech, they have the ability to shut down hackers and scammers— they’re one of the most vocal proponents of industry collaboration.

“This time last year we were shutting down 37 malware networks per month. This year it’s double that. And I hope I can tell you the same thing next year,” he tells us.

Paving The Way For 5G Technology

“Being such a major network backbone provider, we power companies, innovation and technology like nobody else does,” Chris says.

And this is no exaggeration: The leap from 4G to 5G wireless networks means the ability to communicate data exponentially faster, which can lead to improvements in almost every field of tech. From entertainment to smart cities, 5G networks are the basis of technologies like wireless virtual reality and truly autonomous smart vehicles.

“You name the major company and chances are we’re working with them on something that’s pretty innovative,” he says. “Our collaboration could be changing the way the technology works or creating new ones.”

These types of technologies can make people safer, happier, and more productive, and that’s something Chris and his team are always proud of. It’s also a reason why so many impact-driven technology graduates are now working for CenturyLink.

Advancing Technology Is Part Of CenturyLink’s DNA

“The appetite for technology skills here is immense,” Chris explains. “From operations to security to software, there’s an opportunity for entry-level people to come in and partner with someone who’s got a lot more experience, but still can learn from them.”

Even people in customer support roles in their operations centers are enabled to advance technology. Through programming skills and collaboration with product teams, the Customer Service reps at CenturyLink help create more efficient methods and processes in their customer support software.

Of course, all of these opportunities to work with technology are paired with training, mentorship, and development. As Chris tells us: “We’re building the future, so we need to invest in people. That means straight out of school, you’re going to have an amazing opportunity here.”

Interested in finding your own opportunity to build the future? Check out open opportunities at CenturyLink on WayUp!

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