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[eBook] Sourcing passive candidates in unconventional places

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Only 15% of tech pros are actively applying for jobs, but almost three-fourths are open to the right opportunity. That means there’s a huge pool of qualified tech candidates out there. The catch? You have to find them.

Sourcing passive candidates might be more of a challenge, but it can be a highly effective strategy—especially for those hard-to-fill roles. You can zero in on tech pros with the exact skills you’re looking for, which means a better match than you’ll probably find in a stack of resumes. And since the most in-demand candidates probably aren’t browsing job boards, they won’t be interviewing with anyone else but you. 

But where are these passive candidates? 

Attracting top tech pros is difficult enough, but finding them (and getting them to actually respond to your outreach) can be even more of a struggle. In fact, 35% of tech hirers say the overall time and effort it takes to search for candidates is one of their biggest hiring pains.

In our new eBook, The ultimate guide to sourcing tech talent (in unconventional places), we’re looking beyond the typical sourcing channels you know best (e.g., professional networking sites, job boards, employee referrals) to boost your sourcing strategy and help you reach a wider range of tech candidates.

Download the eBook to find the right people with the right skills (and build a winning tech team, faster)

We break down where (and how) to find passive candidates on creative channels you might not have tapped into yet, including:

  • Nine new places to source the tech talent you need—from GitHub to Goodreads
  • How to tell if a candidate has the right education, experience and skills based on their online profiles
  • Tips for narrowing your search on sourcing channels (even ones with millions of users) so you can find exactly who you’re looking for
  • The right ways to reach out to avoid getting ignored, ghosted or flagged as spam

Download the eBook to reach a fresh set of passive candidates your competitors haven’t discovered yet.

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