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How 6 People Had Their ‘Aha!’ Moments At Enterprise

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You’ll sometimes hear successful people talk about an “aha” moment: a realization that they weren’t just doing a job, they were building a career. 

At Enterprise, these kinds of aha moments happen all the time—and that’s because of the company’s long-term growth culture. It’s a true equal-opportunity meritocracy where someone’s success is determined exclusively by their performance. At the same time, it’s a company that takes care of its people like they’re family.

Here’s a look at six different Enterprise employees—who have excelled in their careers—and how they would describe their aha moments.

Ethan: Applying For His First Promotion—And Getting It

Enterprise is a company built from the ground up. And for our employees, that ground floor is the Management Training (MT) program. When Ethan graduated from college and entered the MT program, he started learning how to run an Enterprise branch on day one.

“Everyone was really eager to help me grow quickly,” he said. 

As a Management Trainee, Ethan heard a lot about the culture of quick promotions and steady advancement at Enterprise. And while he was excited for the opportunity, he wasn’t sure if he could believe the hype.

However, after he’d put in the work as a Management Trainee, it was time to take the qualifying test and apply for his first Assistant Manager position. He aced the test and got the job—and that’s when he had his aha moment.

“I started to realize the promote-from-within hype is real, and I’m moving up because of it,” Ethan says.

Sam: Learning To Run His Own Multimillion-Dollar Business

Sam is now a successful salesperson in Enterprise’s business rental division, but his aha moment came earlier in his career at Enterprise when he got his first branch manager position.

“I looked around and realized that a bunch of professionals early in their Enterprise careers were running multimillion-dollar businesses, and how amazing that was,” he says. “It really came to me at that moment how much responsibility was shouldered on me.”

The reason that Enterprise employees with as little as two-years’ tenure are entrusted to do so much is because of the training and mentorship they receive to help them reach their goals. 

“In each of my roles at Enterprise, I’ve had a relationship with someone who was invested in me,” Sam tells us. “Not just my sales or service performance, but for me as a person. My life goals and my career goals.”

That’s why when it was Sam’s turn to run a branch, he was ready.

Kendra: Quitting Enterprise (And Then Coming Back)

Kendra excelled early in her Enterprise career, getting promoted to branch manager in only a year and a half. But when she received an offer to join a sales team at another company, she took it. 

Shortly after she arrived at her new job, she saw some stark differences in the culture.

“I remember I asked my supervisor, ‘How does this fit into our bottom line?’ And she told me that I didn’t need to worry about that right now,” Kendra recalls. “If I asked someone at Enterprise about a part of our business, they would’ve taken the time out of their day to teach me, not just to give me the answer but to show me the big picture, too.”

That culture of mentorship and learning at Enterprise is an essential part of the company’s performance-based promotion plan. And why Kendra, ultimately, decided to return to Enterprise.

“You get promoted by performance from day one,” she explains. “And that’s why we take development so seriously. When your manager moves up, so do you, and vice versa. Everyone wants you to take their job in the best way.”

Now, as an Area Rental Manager, Kendra is the kind of boss she always had at Enterprise: ready to lend a hand, teach a skill, and guide her teammates to success. 

Philip: Doing More, Making More, Becoming A Leader

Philip had a goal to double his annual salary within two years—and he knew sales was the way to get there.

“I started as a Management Trainee,” Philip tells us. “I liked the idea that my career would be based on my individual performance and how I could contribute to the overall atmosphere and experience at a branch.”

And his individual performance really did shape his career. A strong work ethic and success with key management attributes allowed him to rise through the ranks, eventually getting him into a role with Enterprise Car Sales. Within the two-year mark, Phillip was hitting his original goal, but that wasn’t when his aha moment came.

“One day my Area Manager asked me what I thought about being in management,” says Philip.

Philip was an all-star individual contributor, and that brought him a lot of success, but with the encouragement of his Area Manager and a few other leaders at Enterprise, he took on a management role while still staying in sales. Now, he’s got a new goal: senior leadership. 

Phillip’s aha moment came when he realized he would never run out of ways to grow—and people to support him—at Enterprise.

Gloria: Managing Hundreds Of People—And Her Own Life

Gloria started in the Management Training program at the St. Louis Contact Center – where employees provide remote customer service – and quickly found her place on the roadside assistance team. Her dedication to customer service over the years led to her current role: managing an international reservations and customer assistance team.

“Collectively I’m responsible for about 120 to 140 employees,” Gloria tells us. “It’s pretty exciting. I get to learn and grow with them.”

Her aha moment came around 7 years ago at a pivotal time in her career. “Right around the time I was working towards a promotion, I found out I was pregnant,” she recalls.

She was nervous that her career growth wouldn’t be compatible with her personal growth. But when she told her leadership team the news, they were excited for her.

“The thing that was so great was that there was room for my whole self at Enterprise,” Gloria says. Not only was she able to get flexible work-from-home arrangements, but her managers were still just as committed to her growth.

“I can’t think of another organization that is so intentional about you being your best self,” she explains. “This is a place where you know that your performance will be your passport to a long and healthy career.”

And that’s still true, a couple promotions (and kids) later.

Ali: The Freedom To Work Creatively—And Succeed On Her Own Terms

Ali has always been independent. She loved cars but wanted to make her own career outside of her dad’s bodyshop business. That’s why she joined the Enterprise Management Trainee program.

“I thrive on customer relationships,” Ali says. “One of my mantras is to treat every conversation as an interaction instead of a transaction.”

At the beginning of her career, this worked great in the branch with rental customers, but Ali had a feeling her philosophy could carry her to even more success in a formal sales setting.

“I knew I’d be more apt to succeed in a business-to-business sales environment,” she says.

And, of course, her dedication and support from her managers helped her achieve that goal. But her aha moment came when she realized a measure of her success came from being able to do it in her own way.

“Being creative and getting involved in the community have always been important to me,” Ali explains. “Both as a professional and as a person.”

And that’s been the key to Ali’s success in her current role as a business rental sales executive in Nashville. She’s a member of local organizations for business owners and community members. The connections she makes in those groups have led to new relationships for her and new business for Enterprise.

Experience Your Own Aha Moment At Enterprise

Looking for a career, not just a line on your resume? 

Whether you’re seeking a summer internship or an entry-level position, you’ll find room to grow and the training and development you need to thrive at Enterprise.

Ready for your aha moment? Check out open opportunities at Enterprise on WayUp!

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